The AACP membership list below is not intended for commercial uses. If referrals for professional services are sought using this membership list, it should be noted that some information regarding specific providers may be outdated or not yet updated. Also, this list contains some members who have retired and are no longer practicing. It is always prudent to check the licensure status of any psychologist (or other mental health provider) by contacting the appropriate licensing board in the state of practice. (See the asppb.org website for addresses and websites of psychology licensing boards.)

John P. Billig

Minneapolis VA Healthcare System

One Veterans Drive (116A)

MN 55417

Work Phone: 612-467-3034
Fax: 612-467-5971
Home Phone:     
E-mail: john.billig@va.gov


     Licenses: MN
     Specialities:   Clinical Psychology
     Degrees: Ph.D.